About Us

Hey Pixies,

So first of all I want to say a massive thank you for supporting us and showing an interest in our wonderful earrings. Those of you who are following me on my instagram know how much I love creating amazing eye looks and finding the cutest earrings to match the look. I found after a while that it is so difficult to find specific earrings for different looks. I decided to start practicing with my mum making different polymer clay earrings and then thought to myself 'hey' why not start our own company. My husband being more business minded and having some knowledge in marketing suggested that we could start our own family business. So here we are taking a leap and trying something new, we will be working so hard to bring to you all the cutest earring collections as often as we can and look forward to growing as a business with you our pixies.

We also look forward to bringing you acrylic earrings/products later into 2023

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The Pixie Team